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Pathology Software

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Pathology Management System is a web application with website for managing medical appointments and invoicing for diagnostic tests that is safe, contemporary, and responsive. It is created using the MVC framework. It was created and constructed with online doctor appointments and tests in mind. It is a full-featured diagnostic management automation internet application. It is ideal for any type of diagnostic facility, including a hospital's pathology department, clinic, and pathology centre.

Pathology lab software lets you track, manage and automate laboratory operations. It also lets you generate invoices, manage inventories and stay on top of bill payments.

Some of the best pathology lab solutions include: PathoGOLD, Medicare, Cloudpital, AdvancedMD, athenahealth

Certain Key Features


Strong accounting module for the office. Website using responsive CMS. Inventory Control (Reagent).
Role authorization. Patient Information Setting for doctor referrals.
Management of the referral commission and physician payment. Doctor's Schedule. A visit to the doctor.
Manager of Personnel. Payroll Manager departs
Staff presence Billing Report on an investigation
Accounting at work Report on income and expenses For each page, manage the SEO section
Protected from XSS attacks Protected from SQL injection Protected from CSRF attacks


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