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Hotel Management Software

Do you require a cost-effective yet comprehensive hotel management system?


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Hotel Software

Automate your hotel operations

Booking Engine

Direct bookings from your hotel website

Channel Manager

One-stop inventory distribution system

Revenue Management

Optimize revenue by dynamic pricing approach

Restaurant POS

Manage your F&B business operations


All of your hotel management needs may be met with a single solution.

With a highly adaptable and feature-rich system, you can simplify and automate your daily hotel operations.

Check-in and check-out procedures are quick with the best hotel management software in India, managing individual or group bookings at your resort becomes a breeze.

Take care of hotel reservations. Our online hotel booking system enables you to handle bookings from a variety of booking sources and execute a variety of tasks.

Effortless rate control set up varied room rates for different types of guests and events right from the hotel PMS to maximise your hotel profitability.

Security and user privileges to add an extra layer of protection, create numerous users and provide them data access based on the responsibilities they play at your property.

Packages and meal plans in the hotel software, you can easily establish multiple tariff and meal plans. You can also package those combined rate plans and sell them as a package.

Self-service portal for mobile guests allow your visitors to create and maintain their profiles on their mobile devices, as well as self-check-in, order services, check bills, and more.

On-the-go hotel operations our hotel PMS includes a sophisticated mobile app that allows you to do a variety of hotel operations immediately from your phone.

Credit card processing is centralised to reduce no-shows at your property, our software allows you to do numerous credit card transactions (verify, capture, approve, and so on).

Hotel Management

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