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Self-hosted customer relationship management tool CRM is a wonderful fit for any business, freelancer, or a variety of other uses. SSAK CRM's sleek and contemporary style can both make you appear more professional to clients and enhance business efficiency.

Customer management is crucial, and SSAK CRM assists in a number of ways:
  • Utilize the effective project management feature to oversee and bill for projects.
  • Stay organised by connecting tasks to various SSAK CRM capabilities.
  • Create expertly designed estimates and invoices.
  • Strong ticket auto-import functionality in the support system.
  • Keep track of the time spent on assignments and charge your clients. the ability to task-assign several employees and keep track of timers for each employee.
  • Include staff members who are not project members as task followers. Without having access to the project, the staff member will be able to monitor the task's progress.
  • Leads may be tracked centrally, making it simple to watch their development. Ability to add notes, create proposals, and automatically import leads from email. Easily switch between phases by organizing your leads in stages.
  • Produce attractive proposals for prospects or clients to boost sales.
  • Keep track of your business or project spending, and have the option to bill clients and automatically convert to invoices.
  • Use a robust CRM to learn more about your customers.
  • By using built-in Surveys, increase client retention.
  • Keep your sales targets in mind by using the Goals Tracking function.
  • Make announcements to your customers and staff.
  • Use the Contracts tool to bind present and upcoming sales.
  • Additional data for leads, customers, and other entities can be stored in custom fields.
  • Get payments from any Payment Gateway in many currencies.
  • Countless configuration choices.
  • Customize the CRM using the potent theme styling function to reflect your company branding.
  • A distinct media folder inside the CRM for non-admin staff members to work in and arrange their uploads and files.
  • A gorgeous calendar depending on staff permissions for each employee.
  • Files, notes, reports, follow-ups, and many other features.

Our CRMs concentrate on the customers, and SSAK CRM does this with a strong support system that enables you to track and rapidly address concerns via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Set up reminders for yourself, one or more employees, and send them to email and the in-app notification system with just a single click. Customer satisfaction can increase to a new level thanks to these features and more.

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